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Five Ways To Work Around The Rain
17 March 2022

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The weather in Scotland is infamously wet.  

And it's not necessarily soft, romantic, misty rain.  It can be ice cold hailstones, lashing rain and driving winds.  

Don't be fooled by a beautiful morning either - the weather can change in the blink of an eye.

So what can you do to work around the weather, and still get beautiful photographs?

1.  Communicate.

There have been plenty of instances where we have been able to reschedule shoots to take advantage of a better forecast.  Ask your celebrant, musicians, photographers (and any other wedding professionals likely to be present on the day) if they can be flexible.  Chances are most us will do our best to work with you.  

2.  Wrap up warmly.

We will often set up a pose with you wrapped up cosy.  Then, at the last minute, we'll grab your jacket and take the photographs - minimising your chances of getting wet and chilled.  

Isle of Skye Wedding Elopement Photographer Photo

3.  Have a Plan B.

Maybe you could ask the hotel you're staying if they'd mind you heading back there for some photographs - if your outdoor plan doesn't work.  If you're eloping on a boat, could the boat trip company put up a canopy for you?  Are there any local outdoor locations that would provide a bit of shelter?  The Honeycomb Rock in Elgol is a brilliant outdoor location for wet weddings - featuring a cliff that juts out into a wonderful, natural shelter.  There might be an old phone box near by to shelter the couple inside - and make for a cool photographic backdrop.  Ask your photographers and let them use the weather to make magic.  

4.  Take advantage of the moments of sunlight.

We've spent quite a few weddings waiting with our couples inside the car, ready to dart out as soon as the clouds lifted.  Take advantage of the breaks in the weather as much as possible, even if it means waiting around for some sunlight.  

5.  Embrace it.

Danielle and Richard eloped to Skye from Canada.  Well ahead of time, she asked us to make every effort to take moody, dramatic photographs.  The low, misty rain really helped create a brooding atmosphere - and made a dramatic backdrop to the photographs.  Definitely worth getting soaked for!

Isle of Skye Wedding Elopement Photographer Photo


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