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Professional Photographers on the Isle of Skye and Equipment
26 August 2021

To have the best wedding or elopement photographs - on Skye or anywhere else - quality, reliable equipment is really essential.  Along with the equipment prepared for the shoot, back-up gear is needed in case of emergency.  Euphoria is always glad to have two working professionals for most shoots.  However, while we will be sharing some information about our equipment, there is another - even more vital - essential required for beautiful elopement and proposal photographs.

The Euphoria team tried and tested a number of camera systems, including Nikon and Olympus, finally opting for Canon full-frame DSLRs.  There were a number of reasons for our final selection, including the need to be able to have the smoothest, noise-free images at high ISOs in dark Scottish castles.  In 2015, Canon introduced an unbelievable 50.6 mega-pixel sensor in its 5Ds.  We considered this beast but were dissuaded by negative reviews of the images sizes, resulting in problems with slow handling of these files for editing.  The camera was discontinued last year.  This year, we had an issue with a camera and lens and thought this might be a good time to try out the marvellous 5Ds.  We can honestly say we have absolutely no regrets about using this wonderful camera.  The image quality and detail is awesome.  Paired with the 70-200mm F4 L IS lens or the 24-70mm F4 L IS lens, the clarity is startling.  Since we have been shooting exclusively outdoor events, this camera is perfect for us.  For indoor, dark castles, such a high number of mega-pixels would create the unwanted noise.  So, we still retain full-frame cameras which can cope with this shooting situation.

However, as famous photographer, Bambi Cantrell, always says, "Cameras don't take photographs.  People do!"  The best equipment in the world will not ensure that your wedding photographs are flatteringly lit and posed with elegance and style - that takes professional photographers, who have been trained and continue to sharpen their skills.  (More on this in another blog.)  Another famous phrase from Bambi is that photographers should "know an F-stop from a bus stop."  A master photographer still takes gorgeous images with his/her phone but a master photographer, with their chosen best equipment, will create timeless, artistic perfection for you to treasure for always.

Please share your photographic adventure on the Isle of Skye and throughout Scotland and enjoy the Euphoria photographic experience!



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