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Phase Two And What It Means For Your Wedding
30 June 2020

Fairy Pools Wedding Photographer Photo

Scotland has just moved into Phase Two, which basically means we're easing our way out of Lockdown.

Weddings can now happen from 29 June onwards - which isn't far away and will be amazing for everyone who has sadly had to postpone their dates.

So what does this mean for you?

When can I elope?

From 29 June onwards, weddings can take place.  However, definitely spare a thought for the hard-working registrars and celebrants.  They'll be dealing with a lot of paperwork right now!  

The legal guidelines to submit your M10 or marriage notice no later than 29 days before your ceremony still apply.  Dispensations from the 29 day minimum notice period are currently still only considered for terminal illness, armed forces deployment and imminent visa expiry.  We have heard that couples who lodge their marriage notice now can extend their notice period in future if required.

If you have already submitted your marriage notice forms (and they were entered onto the Highland Council system before the suspension in March), they can apply to National Records of Scotland to extend the notice period.  

This means your notices will remain valid until 31 December 2020 and you would only need to submit new forms if your details have changed or if you plan to get married after 31 December 2020.  So that should hopefully save you a bit of paperwork!

Where can I elope? 

It's outdoors only - which isn't really a hardship when we've got all this gorgeous scenery.

Will there be a travel restriction?

No.  The Scottish Wedding Directory have published a really helpful blog post on this, so for more information definitely check that out here.  The short answer, however, is that there is no travel restrictions for weddings and elopements.

Can I have guests?

If you're reading this, chances are you were thinking of eloping anyway - as we at Euphoria focus solely on shooting elopements.  There's actually never been a better time to elope - if you needed a tactful way of going off and getting married, you can do so and do your bit for the NHS!  

The Scottish Government have said that "minimal attendees" are allowed.  It has been stated that you and your witnesses must come from no more than three households, with a maximum of eight persons.  This doesn't include your celebrant or registrar.  So you could opt to have yourselves, your two witnesses, your celebrant and four guests.  Or, if you wanted to keep things ultra-streamlined, two from the Euphoria team can act as your witnesses.  

If you and your soon-to-be-spouse are from separate households, you'll count as two of the permitted three households - so either your witnesses will need to come from one of your households, or both be living together.  

Can I socially distance during my own wedding?

Pragmatically, yes.  It would certainly be possible to stand six feet apart from your celebrant and your photographers.  

However, you might want to consider your location.  Will there be wind or rushing water?  (Sometimes, if it's been raining at the Fairy Pools, the roar of the waterfall means we can hardly hear the celebrant when we're standing right next to them!)  You don't want to miss hearing your own wedding ceremony, so that might be something to think about.  

The signing of the marriage certificate would also be a factor - perhaps bringing your own pens might be a good idea.  

As for the photography, it really shouldn't be too different.  A lot of our images involve us being a wee bit away to get the whole landscape in.  We may need to shout at you so you can hear us, but we can definitely work with the six feet rule.

What will Phase Three and Four involve?  

The Scottish Government guidelines comment on Phase Three that there will be the "relaxation of restrictions to attendance at funerals, marriages and civil partnerships beyond  'close family'."  

Phase Four means that "all ceremonies can take place, with improved hygiene and other precautions." 

The Scottish Government hopes that some indoor marriages and civil partnerships will be possible during Phase Three.

Is it worth you postponing your elopement until we're in one of those phases?  It's entirely up to you.  Ultimately, what matters is that you and your loved one make the ultimate promise to each other and that you're together.  Either way, we're just at the other end of the phone if you want a chat.  

Will Euphoria be available?

For us, it's not a case of business as usual.  We would rather keep our clients' safe - even if it means postponing elopements, changing plans and altering our usual practices.  Money doesn't compare to health - so that's very much at the front of our minds as we look at reopening for business.  

Norma also needs to consider her own health and so it could be that you may have different members of the Euphoria team shooting.  

Either way, we would love to hear from you - even if it's just for a chat about your wedding plans or any questions you might have!  Do drop us a wee message!

Wishing you all the best as you plan your elopement during these incredibly difficult times.


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