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Wedding Story Photographs with Surprising Elements
20 August 2021

Weddings, elopements, proposals on the Isle of Skye - just about every shoot has some unexpected surprises which can be utilised to create absolutely unique, unforgettable, one-off photographs.

Catching these elements is enhanced when there are two professional wedding photographers at work because, though some surprises are more obvious, others are subtle.  They often require split-second timing and all the photographer's skills to capture.  They may involve moving the couple to the right position or an appropriate pose, to dovetail with the unexpected element, and add a new story to the wedding or proposal.

Two aeroplane trails in the Skye created the Scottish Saltire - the white X against the blue background.  We guided the couple into position and added this element into their image collection to give an individual shot which they would always remember.

Euphoria's Roz caught the image of the flying bride at Loch Coruisk.  She could see the seagull echoing the bride's pose and waited until it was in the correct position.  The bride is looking up towards the flying bird.  She is flying too!  This photograph allows the viewer to imagine all sorts or stories from that moment and has become a Euphoria signature image.  The elements which came together to form it can never be duplicated.

Sometimes, there are other surprise characters who pop up unexpectedly.  A mini-bus of tourists at the Fairy Glen who become impromptu guests at an elopement - clapping and cheering at its finale.  The camper who was oblivious to the important ceremony going on just outside his tent and joined in the photographs afterwards.  The pod of dolphins who delighted the bride and groom at their elopement.


At other times, unexpected props are used by the Euphoria team to create original and distinctive effects in our clients' photographs.  We would like to share that with you in another blog.

If you would like to us to get creative for your special event, please share your plans so that we can tailor our designs, customised just for you.


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