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21 December 2020

Fairy Pools Elopement Photographer Photo

Leafing through a back issue of a Waitrose magazine, I came across a quote regarding Iowa State University researchers, who had “asked people to look at others and think, ‘I wish for this person to be happy.’” The article continued that “this seemed to have a positive bounce-back effect.” “Walking around and offering kindness to others...reduces anxiety and increases happiness...” said Professor Douglas Gentile, one of the study’s authors.

Taking that positive statement a stage further, I altered it to “What can I do to make this person happy?” How would this relate to the craft of wedding, elopement and proposal photography?

That magical moment when your soulmate asks you to marry them and spend your lives together is filled with a heady happiness. You excitedly plan a magical adventure, eloping to one of the most dramatic and atmospheric wedding locations possible. You realise your dream and, in a blend of wonder and euphoria, you make your vows amid the towering mountains - this is blissful happiness at its height. Then, your wedding photographers, working with your unique individuality, use their skills and artistry to cause your natural beauty to shine its brightest ever. They use their knowledge of sculpting, using light and shade, to direct you into the most flattering poses, taking a range of gorgeous yet different shots to create your entire wedding story. This is a record of your happiness forever, which you will return to, relive, share and retell to future generations as your happiness continues to grow.

To be able to produce a gorgeous photographic document of a new family certainly has a “positive bounce-back” and, I would say, a continuous knock-on effect. We, as Isle of Skye photographers, get to share the perfect happiness you enjoy on such momentous days and we get to pass on a lasting heritage too. Everyone gets to share the happiness - forever!


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