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16 February 2022
Loch Coruisk Wedding Photographer Photo
“No one can steal my vision.”
The above quote was emphasised in a Bambi Cantrell Masterclass and it is really impressive.  Bambi was talking about the way in which some photographers closely guard their secrets, afraid to share ideas and concepts.  The reason Bambi was unconcerned about sharing her secrets was because “no one can steal” her vision.
A recent Euphoria blog discussed the inspiration for a posing concept, which our couple loved.  As Bambi pointed out, should someone else try to copy your vision, they cannot fully do so because they simply do not have your original vision.  They have their own and however desperately they try to duplicate your work, they cannot.  This is why we can only ever draw inspiration from other artists not execute copies.
The above image was shot by Roz, inspired by a Jerry Ghionis fashion shoot.  The still, reflective and almost eerie atmosphere of Loch Coruisk formed the backdrop.  We placed the bride on the rock, in a “flying position,” and where she was effectively reflected in the loch.  Then, Roz waited for the moment when a large seagull glided into her composition and pressed the shutter.  The result is above.  The bride looks up at the soaring gull and appears to be about to fly upwards to join it.  No one can steal this vision.  If they try to, they cannot bring together all the interplaying elements nor have Roz’ vision.
Interestingly, once an original image such as this has been taken, we would never succeed in recreating it ourselves!  One bride was so thrilled by the romance of this photograph that she wanted “to fly” at her own Loch Coruisk Elopement.  We explained that the elements in that image could not be repeated but that we would have her “fly” in her own unique photographs - which she did!
We really like to get to know you so that we can create uniquely gorgeous wedding photographs which you will treasure for always.


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