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Getting the Best Skye Wedding Photography
24 January 2022
Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo
On the Isle of Skye, professional photographers definitely want to have top calibre of professional tools. This ensures the highest resolution images for clients and gives the professional photographer peace-of-mind, freeing up their creativity without having to compensate for equipment weaknesses.  It also gives some comfort to have a weather-sealed kit for the occasional Isle of Skye shower!
As a result, the professional tools are often kept for professional assignments only and our skilled pro-photographers may not have a camera with them at all times. Photographic industry guru, Skip Cohen, was discussing the importance of this and I realised I sometimes fell into this category.
When off-duty, lots of pro photographers like to carry something lighter weight, such as a mirrorless or non-professional camera from their favourite brand. This guarantees that they have no reason to miss that amazing, unexpected shot that they wish they could have taken – if only they had a camera!  I still favour my not-so-light, full-frame Canon DSLRs, although I am always open to the new equipment designs and, perhaps in time, may be seen carrying a smaller, lighter camera.  We live in a wonderful country, brimming with a kaleidoscope of varying scenes.  We have every reason to be well-equipped at all times!


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