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Fairy Glen Proposal & Engagement Images
17 August 2021

Daniel carefully planned his proposal and photographs at the Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye.  He wanted the perfect location and timing.  Originally, Daniel had hoped for a beach near Uig.  He and Danielle were planning a sail there, to spot whales and dolphins, earlier in the day.  However, although there is a rocky shoreline around Uig harbour, there is no beach.  We brainstormed ideas which might be good alternatives for Daniel and one which already appealed to him was the intriguing and mysterious Fairy Glen.  The Glen has a number of strange shaped contours, still, dark pools, the fairy ring and the ancient shape called Castle Ewen.  It is very popular with tourists but we had selected our time carefully so that there would be a minimum of other visitors yet good lighting for those beautiful expressions Danielle made at the surprise proposal.

We were in place for the moment when Daniel astonished Danielle, dropping gently to one knee, his eyes glowing, hope-filled, expectant and earnest.  Danielle gave a sequence of lovely emotions, ranging from amazement to euphoria, and we got to record this gorgeous moment - the beginning of the history of a new family.  After a few minutes privately savouring this special event, we guided Daniel and Danielle through their engagement shoot, with them interacting, for the very first time, as an engaged couple -  surrounded by the romantic Scottish glen, glowing in warm sunlight.

There is no other event quite as magical, relaxed, exciting, joyous and deeply meaningful as a proposal on the atmospheric Isle of Skye - although Scotland does have many amazing backdrops for proposals.  If you are considering proposing on the Isle of Skye (or indeed, in Scotland) we would love to be involved in creating a timeless record of this special time.


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