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Euphoric Fun with a Pair of Legs - a Skye Photographer’s Memory
27 January 2021

Many years ago, up in the north end of Skye, photographing, we stopped off at the Village Hall to check on the table-top sale there. This was a busy event. Cars coming and going, people bustling with their exciting purchases.

Nearby was a rubbish skip and peeking out, I could see a pair of legs - nothing sinister, no grisly corpse but a mannequin’s lower half, wearing trousers and boots. (Please, do not ask where the upper half was.) Anyway, being of a mischievous nature and familiar with a scene from the vintage, American TV series, Hart to Hart, I knew exactly how to have some fun with these!

We placed them underneath one of the parked cars. The two legs stuck out from the underside as if an entire person were working under the car. We waited.
Eventually, the family came back to their car to find a mystery person under their car. The range of emotional expressions on the different faces ranged from surprise and amazement, puzzlement, realisation and finally hysterical laughing. At this point, they saw us rolling around in merriment and so, knew who the culprits had been but the fun was all worth it. They were good sports too!

We are not quite sure what the legs got up to, after we had to leave, but are sure they continued to create more fun moments!


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