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 Isle of Skye Wedding Proposal Elopement Photographer Elope Propose Photo

The one you love stands atop a windswept cliff. They know something special is about to happen, but they can't be completely sure what - until you kneel down and slowly open the box you've been hiding in your pocket for months.

They see a sparkle as the ring catches the light - and their breath catches in their throat...

For a moment, their eyes meet yours and you see surprise, delight and euphoria.

It's a magical moment in everyone's life and marks a special place in your journey together.

As photographers, photographing proposals is one of our favourite assignments. There's nothing like capturing the rapture of the day!

On this page, we've put together some suggestions we hope will be helpful, as well as a list of Skye's iconic locations and our Secret Skye series if you're looking for somewhere more secluded.

Iconic Skye:

Below, we've shared details of Skye's popular beauty spots.  To avoid the majority of the crowds, we recommend either earlier or later in the day.  

Neist Point Lighthouse:

Isle of Skye Wedding Proposal Elopement Photographer Elope Propose Photo

The Lighthouse can be found near Glendale.  The walk takes around 45 minutes down a concrete path.  However, if you opt to park in the car park and walk along the coastline, with the Lighthouse as a backdrop, this would save time and still result in impressive views.

It can be very windy, so that might be something to bear in mind.  Wrap up warmly, and perhaps consider tying long hair back so it doesn't get in your eyes.

Fairy Glen:

Isle of Skye Wedding Proposal Photographer Photo

It is located very close to Uig, where the ferry goes to the Outer Hebrides.  In winter, the terrain is slippery with ice.  During summer, however, it's a fairly easy walk to the top.  

If you're heading into Uig from Portree, take the road on the right just before the Uig Hotel.  Parking is available.

Old Man of Storr:

Isle of Skye Wedding Proposal Elopement Photographer Elope Propose Photo

Proposing at the foot of the Old Man of Storr would take around a 45-minute long walk up hill, on fairly easy terrain.  It can get muddy and boggy in places, so sensible footwear is advised.  Alternatively, the Old Man could provide a backdrop to your photographs.  

Marco opted to propose to Forest at the Bride's Veil waterfall, so the Old Man was visible but without the long hike!

Secret Skye:

It's a private moment in your lives - so you might want private surroundings.  We've included some location options that are still a fairly easy walk, but not as well known as Skye's famous landmarks.

Brothers' Point:

Brothers Point Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photography Photo Propose Engagement Euphoria Photography Skye Photo

Bernard proposed to his girlfriend, Debbie, at Brothers' Point - one of Skye's quieter locations.  They were able to get a beautiful, private moment in the awesome surroundings.

You can see our Brothers' Point Virtual Walkthrough here to give you an idea of its location and the terrain.

The Stacks:

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo

These majestic sea stacks are one of Skye's lesser-known beauty spots.  We can't give away details of its location, but if you'd like to propose here, just drop us a message.  

Dunscaith Castle:

Dunscaith Castle Wedding Proposal Photographer Photography Engagement Photo

Based in south Skye, Dunscaith Castle's ruins make for a quieter backdrop for your photographs.  The area is gaining popularity, so don't be surprised if there are a few walkers nearby, but it's definitely not as busy as the iconic Skye locations.  

Ari above especially asked us for quieter locations to propose to his girlfriend, Kayla.  The couple absolutely loved Dunscaith!  

We also wrote a Dunscaith Castle Virtual Walkthrough to give you an idea of the terrain involved.


Here are some helpful tips for planning your Scottish wedding proposal.

1. Communicate with your photographers! Let us know ahead of time where you'd like to go, so we can plan how best to work around the light. During this moment, there will be absolutely no direction or interference from us - so we want to arrange with you ahead of time where to position yourself and the person you're going to propose to..  It might be worth pre-arranging a signal so we know exactly when you're going to begin.  

2. Pick your time of day carefully. Not only will that ensure the best possible light, it will also ensure the areas are as quiet as possible. Skye is fortunate to be adored by tourists - but when you're trying to have a quiet, private and romantic moment, you don't necessarily want too many people around. The photograph below was taken in July (peak tourist season on the Isle of Skye) in the early evening - and there wasn't a soul to be seen. This is quite rare, but planning your time carefully can make all the difference.


Jason opted to propose to his girlfriend, Sophie, at around six in the morning - to avoid the many visitors who go to Eilean Donan Castle.


3.  Relax and enjoy it. While you are proposing, we will be posing as tourists with good cameras, casually taking photographs of the landscape. We've perfected our act over the years (but only after one girl asked her boyfriend if we were stalking them!)

It would definitely be worth sending your photographers a picture of you both beforehand - just on the off chance there happens to be two couples proposing to each other on the same day!

But, after all the planning is done, relax and sink into the spontaneity of the moment. Trust your photographers to capture that moment and focus only on the person you love most.  

Isle of Skye Wedding Proposal Elopement Photographer Elope Propose Photo

We would love to brainstorm with you to create the perfect wedding proposal.  Please, do share all your ideas.

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