Norma Skinner and Roz Skinner - Mother and Daughter Team of Wedding Photographers on the Isle of Skye covering Highlands and Islands & Scotland

Norma and Roz Skinner


Hi, I'm Roz - cinnamon latte devotee - born late October in Glasgow, Scotland.  I like sunsets, but I prefer sunrises.  My other passion (besides photography) is creative writing, and you'll seldom see me without my journal and fountain pen, ready to scribble down any ideas of inspiration.

I have a wonderful half-Balinese cat called Clyde, named after the River Clyde, which runs through some of my favourite places.  I've spent most of my life here on the west coast of the Isle of Skye, and it's my favourite place to be in the entire world - radiating colours of brilliant green in the hills in summer and the changes in autumn as they turn purple with heather. 

If my house was on fire, the object I'd run back to collect would be my teddy bear panda (I know - sorry!) which has been in the family for years (this is assuming that Clyde was already outside).

I couldn't imagine life without a camera by my side - it's such a uniquely special invention, isn't it?  In Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca, the heroine wished there was an invention which could bottle a memory like scent, so you could live the moment again at any time - that is what my camera is for me. Pictures are tangible memories that you can hold on to.  That is why I chose to be a photographer: so I could have a share in recording memories that you can keep forever. 

I'd love to hear about your love story, so please do get in touch



Wedding Photographer Norma Skinner: 

I was always a sensitive sort of child.  (Can you believe, when I was really little, I wouldn’t kick my ball in case I hurt it!)

That sensitivity, though, taught me to be “in tune” with people and their individuality which, in turn, helps in sensing and recording the particular atmosphere of each wedding.

I remember seeing an American film in which the hero delivered flowers.  Asked, “Why?”  he made the point about people always being happy to receive flowers.  (If anyone can help me with the film…?)   So, to work with happy people all the time, I would either have to be a midwife, deliver flowers or be a wedding photographer!  Now, I get to share happiness, retelling beautiful moments from your wedding - that really is euphoria!


If you’d like to enjoy the EUPHORIA experience forever, please email.  I would love to hear all about you and your wedding.

Norma has recently been published in three books: Planning Your Perfect Wedding, Weddings, Weddings, Weddings and Wedding Secrets, published by Mithra Publishing.  She also has a regular column in Weddings Know-How Magazine.

Roz and Norma trained in all aspects of wedding photography with Australian Master Photographer, Jerry Ghionis.  They have been members of Jerry's I.C.E. Society for a number of years. 



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Olympus flagship cameras and pro lenses - being waterproof, these can continue shooting in the rain.

Canon full-frame cameras and L-lenses.