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Woodland Adventures In The Isle Of Skye
11 June 2014


You wouldn't guess that this peaceful, serene looking woodland was a hub of horror, would you?  This is where Norma and I went for a recent jewellery shoot.  We were looking forward to photographing the jewellery amongst the gorgeous spring colours.

Unfortunately, the calm day meant the wood was black with midgies!  It was impossible to be stationary for long!  And there was something else we hadn't thought of: ticks!  I'm still unsure how so many found us so quickly!  We weren't wandering through long grass and (this time) I wasn't lying on the ground to get a perfect angle!  These ticks were clearly babies (some barely bigger than a full stop), but they certainly knew what to do when confronted with a potential meal!

Norma and I left this area of the wood and headed to a more breezy, tick-free area, where we were able to take all the photographs we wished without becoming a snack for insects and arachnids!


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