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Will You Marry Me? Five Frequently Asked Wedding Proposal Questions
20 August 2015

1.  The proposal is an absolute secret...  Can you keep a low profile?

The great thing about Skye is that there are so many people already photographing the gorgeous landscape that we can blend in quite easily!  If you were proposing somewhere secluded, we will make every effort to be inconspicious, including using our longer lenses.  We also would hate to intrude on such an intimate moment, so we will keep an appropriate distance, while still ensuring beautiful final images.  

2.  I want to propose somewhere romantic.  Can you help with location ideas?

Whether you want to propose somewhere quiet, with just the two of you, or you don't mind an audience at one of Skye's many iconic beauty spots, we can find the perfect location tailored to your requirements.  Whether you want to propose with a sunset streaking the sky with colour, or at moonlight, or with the Northern Lights as a backdrop, we would love to be involved.  There are ruined castles, gorgeous beaches, dramatic scenery, mountains, cliffs, the Quiraing, and limitless potential locations for you to ask the love of your life to marry you.

3.  I have something really special planned.  Will you be able to photograph the special details?

The fact that there are two of us means we each capture different moments.  You are putting a great deal of thought into making this moment magical, and we want to ensure that no detail is lost.  

4.  Is there anything I should know?

When you are down on one knee asking the girl of your dreams to marry you, that's all you need to think of.  As photographers, it's our job to make sure your day, whether it's a proposal, engagement or wedding shoot, goes smoothly.  However, for the best photographic results, we need as much time with the two of you as possible.  When you are sharing these heirloom photographs with your children, the time spent on taking the images will have been so well invested.

5.  How much would you charge?

This is one of the most special moments in anyone's life.  You are taking the very first step towards a beautiful and happy future.  This is a time when only the best photography will do.  Because we love shooting proposals so much, we are running a special offer for all proposals booked on the Isle of Skye.  We really want to hear all about your plans!



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