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Why This Skye Wedding Photographer Still Cries at Weddings
08 August 2014

You would think, after all the weddings that I have attended, I would have toughened up and not get emotional at weddings, wouldn’t you? Well, obviously, I must still be a work in progress!

At yesterday’s elopement, Roz and I were asked to be the witnesses which is always an honour and we appreciate being so personally involved. All was going fine during the ceremony until the bride, Rena, herself became emotional. That can often cause me to tear up slightly but I was holding up fine and the registrar, Elizabeth McNiven, had said, “You may now kiss the bride!” Still, I was fine but…after the kiss Rena and her new husband, Michael gave each other the hug-of-a-lifetime and that was breaking point. I had never seen such a huge, spontaneous hug before - in any ceremony. I could see how much they meant to each other by that hug and how precious their new marriage was.

Fortunately, Elizabeth is armed with tissues! I blinked my tears back and carried on photographing but I will always be moved as I remember the depth of that hug!

Norma x


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