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Why Photographers Are More Than Just People Who Click Buttons
20 March 2016


A picture is stored on your camera and a moment is captured forever.  This all happens in the space of a second.  

Or does it?

When I photograph something, my subject is not just benefiting from the camera I use, the backdrop I have chosen, the light I have carefully selected, or the expression I have evoked from them.  They are benefiting from the years of training, practice, mistakes and triumphs that have taught me priceless lessons.  

Good photography isn't just about clicking buttons - whether on your camera or in Photoshop later on.  For example, it may seem like you are paying a lot of money for someone to just click a few buttons at your wedding.  But photographers do so much more than click a few buttons.  They are constantly looking for light, posing their subject in the right light and the most flattering positions.  They know photography is about loving what you do with all your heart.  It's about excitement - a burn to photograph "just one more shot" because it matters so much to them.


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