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Why It’s Better for Brides to Have Two Photographers
01 October 2013

What are the advantages for brides (and grooms) to have two photographers working to capture their wedding photographs?

Two photographers are obviously bound to catch more significant moments, throughout the day, than one can, working alone.

Two working simultaneously equals two different angles of view.  All photographers know that a wonderful angle and shot can be duplicated if they move around their subject.  With two photographers, this can happens at the same moment, saving time that can be allocated to yet more beautiful photographs.

Dramatic off-camera lighting, which creates those winning images that brides love, is best accomplished with two - one photographing their concept while the other acts as lighting assistant, knowing exactly where to position the light for the strongest effect.

Two different perspectives can be achieved at the same time.  One photographer may be taking more close-up shots, while the other works with a wider angle lens.  Again, this saves precious time on the day but allows for a greater variety of photographic results.

So, if you want more dramatic imagery, more precious moments recorded, more creative and diverse work in the allocated time, it really is better for brides to have two photographers.  (And even better, to have two photographers who know exactly how to work together!)  It’s so important for brides to have the best on their wedding day. 

The above image was shot wide-angle to take in the whole castle while Roz was shooting our gorgeous bride close-up.

Happy wedding!



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