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Weddings Know How Magazine - Latest Article
18 May 2015

There are numerous ways to discern the professional from the amateur and, at certain times in life, only a professional will do.  This is so obviously the case when it comes to wedding photography - we have all heard those horror stores of letting a friend with a good camera photograph your wedding.  Imagine not liking any of your wedding photographs and so many precious, romantic and family moments lost forever!  (Something I feel deeply because it happened to me and there is no undoing the damage.)

Weddings Know How Magazine is available online and has a wealth of tips and information for brides, anyone planning or even thinking of a wedding.  For my article this month, I consider the close-cropping of photographs - an editorial style often seen in glossy, fashion magazines (surely most of us would like to look like that in our wedding photos!) - and how this is so often the province of the professional for several reasons.  If you would like to find out more about those reasons or explore the insights of fellow-wedding professionals, why not check out Weddings Know-How?

Norma   x


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