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27 November 2014

For over a year, Norma has been a regular contributor to Weddings Know-How magazine.  Her articles are always fresh, interesting and highly enthusiastic.  Below, I have included a list of all her articles, starting with the latest, where she shares tips for brides, wedding photographers and answers some frequently asked questions.

November 2014 - Meeting With Your Photographer

October 2014 - Should We Design And Print Our Own Wedding Photo Book?

September 2014 - Choosing The Right Style Of Wedding Photography

August 2014 - Let's Leave Boring Wedding Photography At The Museum

July 2014 - Five Top Reasons To Choose Professional Engagement/Proposal Photography

July 2014 - What Sort Of Camera Equipment Should A Wedding Photographer Have?

June 2014 - Wedding Photographers Are Wedding Photographers

April 2014 - Advantages Of Eloping And Destination Wedding Photography For Brides And Photographers

April 2014 - Wedding Photography As A Vocation

April 2014 - How Important Is Networking For Wedding Vendors? 

February 2014 - Tips For Wedding Photographers In The Quieter Times

January 2014 - Why Brides Should Have An Album (In Addition To Digital Files)

November 2013 - How A Bride Can Get To Know Her Photographer

September 2013 - Professional Photographers Aren't Snappers

August 2013 - Tips For Fresh, Inspired and Creative Wedding Photography

July 2013 - What Is Your Brand?

July 2013 - Dealing In Dreams


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