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Wedding Photographers on Skye Having Fun!
13 December 2021

After every year of wedding photography on the Isle of Skye, Euphoria's Roz prepares a review from images of the team at work, in weird and strange positions.  Sometimes, we have become soaked in order to get the right angle for a photograph.  Usually, we have to climb higher for an elevated angle.  We have funny faces, out-takes of us and others of us just purely having fun together with our clients!

This year, I was going through the past years' reviews and came to the 2016 review, which I found particularly and, if you didn't get a chance to view it before, please do.  .)Roz writes some witty captions to go with the photographs though, sometimes. they simply speak for themselves.  These past reviews let you get to know us in a different way - definitely as professional photographers at work but also as real people enjoying what they do and thoroughly enjoying seeing the clients have fun too.  (To view all the reviews, going back to 2013, when we first started, please check out this blog

Some clients may not have enjoyed photographic experiences in the past and may have a little trepidation.  As they look back on us at work, they can feel more relaxed and, for sure, on their day, we will help them to enjoy a wonderful time while making those valuable photographic memories, which will be treasured both now and in future generations.

If you are thinking of eloping to the Isle of Skye and want to have fun while your gorgeous photographs are being shot, we would love to hear from you, please!

Meantime, hope our antics raise a few smiles for you too!


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