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Wedding Photographer at Armadale Castle or Secret Agent?
10 October 2013

Last time I was at Armadale Castle, Roz photographed me at work with the camera strap forming an upturned moustache -so I looked like Poirot!  This time, I managed to look like a secret agent.  Maybe one of these days, I’ll just be a plain wedding photographer.

We were due to shoot an exciting elopement at the Castle at 1 pm.  We left extra early so that I could have an emergency appointment with our GP.  My eye white was red and painful, I had had to remove my contact lens and it was my shooting eye!  The doctor was wonderful, checking the eye out carefully and exploring the symptoms.  She put painkilling drops into the eye and prescribed further drops.  It took a wee while for the pain to ease off but I was still experiencing increased sensitivity to light and pain from the strong sunlight, hence, for the first time ever, I was photographing a wedding wearing sunglasses.  Adding in the fact that I was standing almost in the bushes to shoot the ceremony and you can seen why I might be mistaken for a secret agent!  (At least it’s better than looking like Poirot - unless you are Poirot, of course!)

Norma   x


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