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Wedding Details - Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer
18 April 2016

Photographing the wedding details is a very important part of a wedding photographer's job.  Whether it's rings, shoes, the dress, the decoration, the flowers, the cars, the cake... each detail is important to the couple and, therefore, important to us.  

For me, it isn't enough to just take a photograph of the details.  Making each shot as creative and interpretative as possible is the difference between a good photograph and a great photograph.  

What do I mean by interpretative?  

With this shot below, I spotted the couple had a coffee table in their living room.  Underneath the glass were various pictures of the couple during their courtship and I knew immediately that I wanted to incorporate the table into the photographs.  I loved the background it gave to the couple's story and the inclusion of a wedding detail would bring their story up to date.  

Wedding Photographer Skye

One of our brides from a North Uist wedding was extremely fond of all things sparkly.  I wanted to capture her details in a way that reflected her personality.

Wedding Photographer North Uist

Echoing the island/ocean theme of the wedding, Norma positioned the wedding details and then included a candle to give the shortbread dimensionality.  The result is a beautiful (and mouth-watering!) shot.  

I have learned so much about photographing details simply through practice.  Seeing how much value is added to them over the years makes our job a responsibility, an art and a vocation.  

Isle of Skye wedding photographer



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