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Water Ballet Extravaganza
15 August 2015

Today was the first day I had taken Macey, the dog, for a walk after his shoulder injury. The afternoon was very calm and the sea was unruffled. Far out on the water, I thought I could see movement and peering closely, there seemed to be fins in the water – rather small fins.I hurried up the hill to ask Roz to pass out some powerful binoculars to me. Focussing these, I could see lots of fins circling around.

When I passed the binoculars to Roz, she could see clearly and exclaimed, “It's dolphins. They're common dolphins – I can see a lot of white.” I lost track of how long I sat watching this water ballet. It was difficult to count how many comprised the pod but I reckon there were at least 30 – the largest pod I've ever been honoured to see. They jumped and twisted and performed continuously as they moved across the sea loch, accompanied by gasps and cheers from Roz and me!

There really is something truly magical about dolphins in action and we humans, just designed to marvel at them as they share the joy of their ballet.I did photograph the common dolphins with the longest lens we have. Not being a wildlife photographers, we don't have huge lenses!

Although we can't guarantee dolphins to be guests at your elopement, they are yet another reason to elope to the stunning Isle of Skye!

Norma x



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