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Uig To Lochmaddy To Tarbert
09 December 2014

On Sunday, I spent a pleasant evening aboard the ferry from Uig to Tarbert, via Lochmaddy.  The only drawback to this trip was that the snooker was on, and I was going to miss it - especially as I was unable to claim the seats by the ferry.  However, a swarm of people left the ferry when we stopped at Lochmaddy and I hurtled towards the free seats (hurtled isn't perhaps the best word - I was so loaded down with luggage I had to make several trips!)  Immediately, I changed the channel from The X Factor repeats to the snooker - Ronnie O'Sullivan's match!  Unfortunately, I had missed the end of that session, but I was in time to see the repeat of his exciting 147 break!

How grateful I was for television on ferries!



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