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USB Memory Stick or Dropbox - Euphoria Chooses Reliability
01 October 2014

Normally, once the entire process of sorting images is over, we put all the photographs in order and onto a USB memory stick which is sent to the clients.  We attach the stick by ribbon to a tri-fold card, place this in a pearlized envelope, surround it carefully with either firm card or bubble-wrap, finally, fold an A3 manila envelope around this, sealing it with tape.  In August, we posted two USB sticks off to our clients, at the same time, in the same Post Office and neither arrived at its destination.

In view of the disappointment this has caused to our clients and ourselves, we have decided that, in future (despite our outrageously slow broadband connection on the Isle of Skye) we will be uploading images to clients via Dropbox.  We will, of course, be happy to provide a USB memory stick or other format should clients request this.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time disappointment has been caused by postal services.  Last year, one of our gorgeous eloping couples had an extra long wait for their USB stick to reach them, despite their package being sent first class recorded.  They eventually received it just a day or two short of the time limit for compensation.  However, I don't feel there is any compensation for delayed and lost photographs from such a precious event as a wedding or engagement.  We want all our clients to get their photographs to enjoy, share, discuss, relive as quickly as possible and we will be ensuring that this is the case in future by using Dropbox.

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