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Two Isle of Skye Wedding Photographers!
06 May 2016

Norma and I work as a team - instinctively, silently and swiftly.  

Without conferring, the lenses we pick will complement each other; the positions we stand in mean a dual perspective and our different skills and personalities dovetail to create a warm and professional work environment - for us and for our lovely clients!  Whether this is because Norma and I have spent a lot of time together or just because our personalities are a good fit for each other, I'm not sure; but there is no one else I would rather work with or that I trust more on an occasion as important as a wedding.

On your wedding day, barring death or disaster, you will have two professional photographers.  But what are the benefits of this?

1.  Dual perspectives.  Especially during moments, like the ceremony, having two photographers means every special moment, every glance between you and your loved one and every detail of the ceremony are captured.  

2.  Efficiency.  When shooting final preparation shots, Norma will usually work with the groom and groomsmen while I work with the bride.  This saves time before the ceremony.  

3.  Variety of style.  I would describe Norma's style of photography as ethereal, creative and romantic, while I aim to do something edgy, dramatic and adventurous.  Combining our photographic voices results in a harmonious duet of images that tell the full story of your wedding day.

Working together on your wedding day is a responsibility we take seriously - and one we just love!  We have had the honour of working with fun-loving, adventurous clients and we look forward to capturing your special moments!


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