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This Man
06 April 2018

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo

I thought it was about time everyone was formally introduced to Mr Euphoria, a.ka. Alex M Photography.  Being a shy and retiring type, he would never write a blog post about himself, so I've spent a few minutes gushing.  Naturally, there was far too much material concerning Alex's good points to include in just one blog, so I narrowed it down to these essential facts.

This man:

  • drove all the way from Portree to Sligachan to bring me creme brulee.
  • always knows when something is wrong with me and doesn't rest until he finds out what it is.
  • always has something nice to say.
  • gets excited when a new parcel from Irregular Choice arrives.  
  • walked with bare arms to give me his jacket when I was cold.
  • doesn't object to me using journeys as a four hour concert (featuring me.  Loudly.)
  • believes that I can do anything I put my mind to.
  • can wiggle both his ears.  Independently.  
  • has stood by me through the worst of times, put his life at risk to keep me safe and always has my back.
  • always apologises, even if he's not wrong.
  • is my hero.


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