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They Didn't Even Know I Was There - (Where is Roz?)
21 October 2013

Jerry Ghionis, with his tongue-in-cheek Australian/Greek humour, sidled into the auditorium and down the walls, trying to photograph unobtrusively and then said the above - “They didn’t even know I was there!”  Next, he makes the point, “Of course they knew I was there!  They’d paid for me!”  Roz and I can do a fair impression of Jerry’s Australian accent saying that one.  His meaning, of course, is that wedding photographers are not invisible.  They are there to work and, as Jerry says, “make the magic happen.”

We never thought we would have occasion to use his phrase until I took the above photograph at a recent Armadale Castle Wedding.  As you know, Roz and I are equal shooters - there’s no first and second - and we will each act as the assistant for the other when one has a concept.  You will also know that we are keen to use dramatic, off-camera lighting.

At this particular wedding, Roz had been leaping up trees, lying on the path and climbing wherever she needed to get her shots and the groom had already commented about her.  He never knew where she would be appearing from next!  In the above photograph, Roz acted as assistant for me.  You won’t spot her though you will probably see the evidence of where she was.  When the bride and groom stood up, the groom got a shock.  Then he said the famous words - “I didn’t even know you were there!”  If they were puzzled by my ‘Australian’ accent repeating, “They didn’t even know I was there!” they gave no evidence, but then Euphoria brides and grooms are game for anything!

Norma  x


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