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The Skye & Heb Magazines - Pick Up Your Free Copy!
17 May 2016

The Heb & Skye Magazines are now available for free download!  

The early part of this year was spent meeting amazing people, making new friends, photographing their work and writing about their visions.  It's a pleasure to be able to do the job I love and have always wanted.

Holding the finished product in my hand and knowing just what it took to make these magazines - endless To-Do Lists pasted on the wall or in my diary, occasional sleepless nights, fighting to meet deadlines and so much more - makes them even more special.  It's  been an adventure that I've enjoyed every step of the way.

A stand out feature, for me, was my trip back to my old home in Eynort.  I lived there until I was six and had been to the cleared and desolate village of Tusdale.  Exploring that area and feeling the haunting atmosphere again felt like a step back in time - both on a personal and a historical level.  I photographed the cover image of The Skye Magazine of the largest ruined building at Tusdale.  

I hope you enjoy reading about what the Hebrides, both Inner and Outer, have in store for you!  


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