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The New Chair
13 January 2015

When Clyde first came, he had a bad habit of clawing things.  Several books on my shelf, the spines tattered and ripped, bear testimony to this.  I have trained him out of that, but he moved on to the furniture.  My special leather chair in the living room is peppered with claw marks.  And my office chair needs...  replacement.

To be fair, Clyde hasn't really vandalized the office chair that much.  But I am using him as a good excuse to get a new one.

An office chair should be many things.  It should be comfortable.  All the levers should work.  It should swivel and swirl.  It should be a friend.  

I am looking for a nice office chair that has all those factors.  I'm afraid I am of the philosophy that it's better go without than to get something you don't like, so my quest for a new chair may take a while!!


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