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The Mystery Of The Stranded Ship
07 January 2015

It had been there for weeks - bobbing alone in the ocean.  And, although today was still and peaceful, it had weathered some fierce and violent storms.  Quite honestly, I was worried about the boat.  Something was clearly amiss.  It wasn't the most sheltered of areas, and therefore not somewhere you would expect a boat to be moored.  A quick look through a pair of field glasses revealed no movement or life whatseover.  My imagination was conjuring up dramatic scenarios, all involving some kind of catastrophe happening to the owner of the boat, the least far-fetched being that they had fallen ill and were stranded aboard.  

I was genuinely concerned about the owner of the boat, and was wondering what would be best to do.  Should one call the coastguard?  The police?  Someone else?

I shared my worries with Norma, and we perused the boat through a pair of extra-powerful field glasses.  "It's a buoy!" she exclaimed.

Of course, it was a buoy, but never have I seen one that looked so like a boat before!  I was glad I had not troubled the coastguard!


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