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The Mystery of the Missing Necklace
04 February 2017

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There are some people that just attract accidents, aren't there?  I'm one myself.  But, for a change, this story isn't about my misadventures.      

A short time ago, I had a friend up to stay from Wales.  She enjoyed visiting iconic Skye locations, such as the Quiraing, the Old Man of Storr and the Fairy Pools.  She was keen to send presents back home to her friends, so she laboriously sat on the living room floor, surrounded by wrapping paper, Scizzors and Selotape.  

A few days later, she remarked that her necklace was missing.  The entire family searched the house from top to bottom without success.  The time came for her to go home, but she still hadn't found the necklace and left only after she had made us promise to post it back to her if we ever found it.

Several weeks after she returned home, she met up with one of the friends she had posted gifts to.  "Oh," she said, excitedly.  "You've got a necklace just like I used to have."

Her friend explained she had received the necklace in the parcel, rattling about loose next to the tins of shortbread.  She had assumed there was some mistake, as the necklace wasn't her usual style, but really wasn't sure!  

That's one way of avoiding heavy luggage on the 'plane home!


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