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The Moment My Phone Died
09 July 2014

The moment my phone beloved HTC Desire Z died, I panicked.  But calmly.  If that's not an oxymoron, I don't know what is.  

It was fine when I turned it to silent before going into the cinema.  When I came out and tried to turn it on, there was no response.  The screen stayed black.  My mind hurtled through the possibilities - it was punishing me for that time it got wet, the On button had ceased to work, the battery had died...  

More importantly, what was I going to do?  I get oddly attached to inanimate objects - shoes, clothes, phones, earrings... - and losing/breaking any of the above disrupts my equilibrium.  Plus, the other phone I want is extremely rare and expensive, so I'd like to hold onto this one as long as I can.  

I plugged it into my in-car charger.  It remained dead.  I undid the back and removed the shiny gold battery, then replaced it.  Tentatively, I pressed the On switch.  Like magic, the screen lit up!  HTC's "Quietly Brilliant" motto filled the screen, and I was never more pleased to see it!  (Yes, I over-dramatize where my phone is concerned!)  

I'm just hoping that this was a temporary blip and not the start of my phone's downfall...


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