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The Lazy Mousing Technique
24 February 2015

Roz' cat, Clyde, as you will know if you follow our blog, is quite an unusual cat. Aside from sleeping in the most unexpected and uncomfortable spots he can find, he seems to take a unique approach to being a cat. Perhaps, it's something to do with his grand, Balinese ancestry or, perhaps, he has a special genetic mixture. Whatever causes him to be so unusual, he has found a new and highly lazy technique for mousing!

Clyde has a fairly relaxed view of mousing. He gets down to it, sometimes with a will, other times with nonchalance. My husband, who keeps cattle on the croft, has a huge shed containing animal feeds and, naturally, he doesn't want mice or rats contaminating his supplies. (While, I still find it pretty hard to kill anything, even apologising to bugs if I do!) He set up a number of traps, primed with peanut butter but, the traps would disappear entirely. Quite a mystery! Until he discovered that Clyde was using his new, improved, lazy mousing technique by stealing the traps, taking them away to a suitable spot and eating the dead mice!

I am sure Roz would explain that this interesting trapping-style for cats was yet another proof of his huge intelligence. And, of course, cats do get like their owners!

Norma x



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