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The Doberman And The Rimless Glasses
19 August 2016

Of course, every dog-owner is sure that their dog is super intelligent.  Having had quite a few Dobermanns during my life so far, I can compare and say for certain that our current dog, Macey, is far and away the most intelligent of all.  I've raved about this in many previous blogs and given a number of examples and, yet again, here is another incident.

The one draw-back to dog ownership is the inevitable poo pick-up and I was on duty armed with trowels when I spotted one on the gravel.  Having no contacts in, I was wearing spectacles and as I bent to poo lift, they came flying off, narrowly missing the poo!  I quickly gathered the mess up, leaving the glasses, disposed of it and then went back to what I thought was the spot where the spectacles had fallen and - they weren't there.  I began to search the area in a pattern of strips but rimless glasses on pebbles were impossible to spot.  I thought I would have to awaken Roz from her slumber and get her to look before they were crushed - but it was too early.

Then, I thought, there is one person who knows where these glasses are and that's Macey.  I called him and used the phrase, "Find it!" which we regularly use when playing games and I have hidden an object for him to locate.  This was different,  In game situations, he knew which toy he was to find.  This time, he didn't know.  He looked at me, as if saying, "What am I to find, Mum?"  Then, he dropped his nose to the ground, went straight to the glasses and stopped!  What a clever boy!

He was lavishly praised, rewarded with a cheese lump and I was delighted to have the glasses back unscathed.  Roz got her well-deserved sleep too.

Norma   x


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