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The Collection is Growing
24 November 2014

In a recent blog, I was raving about coming across a new (to me) authoress and how gripped I had been by her first novel, The Circular Staircase.  Since, many times through life, I recycle reading me favourite authors, it was thrilling to find a new author I was sure I would enjoy again and add to my favourites.  

To Americans, Mary Roberts Rinehart will be as well known as Agatha Christie is for us here, in the U.K.  So, it was to America, - thanks to Amazon U.S. - that I had to apply for more books by this authoress.  Her stories certainly have a torturous magnetism.  I have just completed "The Door" which had so many twists and turns, in the plot, so as to make the reader giddy but entirely hooked until the end.  This one was as difficult to put down as her first novel and I am aware that there were times that my family were speaking to me but I heard nothing!  I followed the clues as best as I could but had no idea who could possibly have been the culprit (although looking on back on some of the phrases coined from the works of this astonishing lady, I should have had the biggest clue of all!)

In the foreward to one of the new additions to my collection, Mrs Rinehart mentions "The After House" which, she states, was the "record of a real crime."  She undertook a "long study of the case" resulting in what she modestly calls "the subsequent release of a man who had been in the penitentiary for seventeen years!"  As I had stated before, this lady had only taken up writing after her husband sustained losses in the stock market and I had realised how narrowly we missed such an outstanding author.  I can only imagine how the wrongly-convicted man must have felt after the results of Mrs Rinehart's industrious research (and how narrowly he missed his release!) 

I am giving my family a short break from losing me to the rest of the collection but I don't think I will be able to hold back for very long!

Norma   x



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