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The Circular Staircase in the Car
07 October 2014

As you will know by now, Roz and I are avid readers. At any one time, Roz will have around five different books on the go. I am more conservative - two maximum.

Recently, I was away from home again and had run out of books. Roz had “The Circular Staircase” by Mary Roberts Rinehart in her car. It’s an old Penguin mystery book. I had never heard of the author but the short biography, at the back, was interesting. It stated that, in 1903, the author’s husband suffered great loss in a stock market crash which prompted her to get writing. Her career went on to produce over 50 novels, 9 plays and numerous magazine articles and stories. I wonder what she would have done if her husband had remained prosperous? What a literary loss that would have been!

So, I began the novel. Well you certainly couldn’t have a moment of boredom reading this book. Right from the introduction, there were shadowy figures popping up on just about every other page, strange, unaccountable sounds, a shot in the early hours of the morning and, discounting the police officers and the corpse, every character seems a possible suspect. Just when you think you are beginning to make sense of the plot, another strange twist emerges. The book is non-stop breathless tension! I have no idea what the outcome will be but I am certain I will be on the look-out for more of the 50 novels!

Norma x


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