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The Beauty of Diversity
25 October 2014

Sometimes, you meet a person who would like to have everyone the same - at least in personality, character and tastes. I suppose that way you could be absolutely certain everyone understood you perfectly but, fortunately, we are not made so.

Ever since I have known my husband, he has kept cows. At first glance, they might all look alike, (cows, I mean - not husbands!) especially as some are closely related but, once you know them better, they are all different and that applies to their personalities too. Some are outgoing, friendly even cheeky others are shyer and less trusting, some are feisty and confrontational. One cow went to her winter holidays over on the east of Scotland. She was a Highland Cow with a long fringe and friendly so that she would eat from your hand. She surprised us, though, by being SO docile that the farmer there was able to take a pair of scissors and cut her fringe! She stood still long enough and happily enough for that!

Well, of course, people seem even more diverse, interesting and surprising. This is apparent in the type of weddings they choose. Some eloping entirely secretly, others with a few intimate friends and family, still others with a large, traditional celebration. Here, on Skye, we are able to cater for all kinds of weddings with photography services geared to the individuality of each couple. The island boasts such a variety of locations from huge, imposing, historic castles to pale, sandy beaches. In between are a wealth of different indoor and outdoor venues.

Other wedding services such as beauticians, hair dressers, kilt hire, florists and planners are available either, here on the Isle of Skye, or nearby, on the mainland. (Please see our assistance page for details.)

Because we appreciate the beauty of diversity, Roz and I like to get to know each couple as well as possible so that we can tailor-make our approach and style to produce unique results, entirely suited to our clients. When you contact us about your upcoming wedding, we really do want to hear all the details!

Norma x


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