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Macey The Dog
The Adventure Of The Missing Dog Coat
18 December 2015

You will have heard me boast before (hope you're not yawning!) about our Dobermann, Macey's intelligence and problem-solving capabilities plus his altruism towards our cat, Clyde.

Once again, he has shone! 

We were out together and he was wearing his coat.  (I must say that I would love to hear of a well-designed dog coat - without velcro which gets clogged up with reeds and stock hair - but with proper buttons to fasten tightly and not come undone.  So, if you know of a good brand, please let me know!)  It was pretty wet but we had a good walk, or rather, run for Mace but, on the way back, I suddenly noticed his coat was completely gone.  Tired by this time, I couldn't face trailing round our walk again in the wind and rain.  I climbed onto a hummock to get a better view of the fields but could see no coat.

Next day, we retraced our steps - although it was hard to remember exactly where Mace had been - but I didn't find the coat.  The coat has sentimental value.  It has belonged to two previous Dobermanns we had the honour to own and always reminds me of those two boys.  Next day, I had climbed onto a ridge to walk and looked back to find Macey dragging the sodden coat up the hill, bringing it to me.  He had found it and wanted me to do something about it!  I praised him profusely for being such a clever boy and, holding the coat at arms length to stop it dripping onto me, took it home to dry out - still praising him as we went.

Again, this dog had impressed me.  He didn't have the best of starts in life but he certainly has the most exceptional intelligence of any dog I have ever had the privilege to own.

Norma   x


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