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Terrific Testimonial
08 September 2014

Roz and I, at Euphoria, always love to receive feedback from clients about our work and we would like to thank everyone who has taken the time and been so kind as to write testimonials.  Sometimes, we have a lovely surprise testimonial in the form of a beautiful card, via email, blog comments and via our Facebook page.  The latter method, while being visible for some time, can often be lost.  The following testimonial, which we were thrilled to receive, was so uplifting, encouraging and moving that we could not let it be lost in the cyber-archives of Facebook.  We thought you might like to see it here too:

"Just looked at your new web site, Norma and Roz. It is fabulous and, with your photography, it is true every bride is beautiful.  I love the proposal photos - what a great idea.  I love the uniqueness of the shots you do - never seen many of them before at other weddings. You and Roz Skinner are 1st class - seriously, I am not just saying this, stunning pictures. The bride and groom must feel totally confident that they can leave such an important and beautiful day to the two of you to capture. Love it xxx."

Testimonials definitely make our work worthwhile!

Norma   x



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