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Taxing Times
03 March 2018

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

It was meant to be a surprise.  And you can't surprise a person if they know about it, right?

Wrong.  Here's why:

After a spate of garage bills, the last thing Alex needed was his car tax to pay.  So, after an extensive search that would make Sherlock look sloppy locating his tax reminder, I paid for a year's tax on Alex's beloved car.  As a surprise.  (The clue is in the name.) 

I basked in a little glow of delight, wondering what his reaction would be when he found his tax already paid.  He would be thrilled!

The end of the month came, and he said nothing - so I assumed he had forgotten about his tax altogether.  Hashtag #responsible.  

Until he happened to say: "I paid my tax the other day."

"You paid your what?"

"My tax."




"Your car tax?"


"The tax for your car?"

"Yes."  He was now looking at me like I was a particularly dense form of insect. 

"How did you do that?" I demanded.  "paid your car tax."

"You couldn't have.  I had to use the V5 document!"


And so it transpired that Alex had tried to tax his car, was met with a message saying his car could not be taxed and, being a determined individual, he found an alternative way...

His car is now taxed until longer than he, I or the car expect to live.  

Photograph above by Stefano Chiolo Photography.


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