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Spring On The Isle Of Skye
30 January 2020

After a long period of blustery, stormy weather, a stiller period of calm descended on the Isle of Skye and there were changes in the air!

Two nights ago, I could hear birds chirruping. “In January?” I asked myself. That is a bit early. Have they been fooled by an improvement in the wintery weather?

Sure enough, walking up the fields, there was definite bird activity in the bushes and trees and a thrush was singing his heart out nearby! I am always amazed by the thrush’s singing abilities. When he is in Spring-Fever-Mode, he can start as early as 4am and keep singing right through the day! When does he eat? How does he sustain the pace through the Spring months?

So, while it is definitely premature to state that Spring has arrived, on the Isle of Skye, its heralds are assuring that it is on the way!

In a future post, we will be considering the benefits and beauties of the Spring wedding or elopement on our gorgeous island. Meantime, it is lovely to hear these delicate creatures warming up for full-throttle-singing in the months to come.


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