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Some Common Mistakes Brides Make
25 October 2013

Planning your wedding is a enormous undertaking.  Professional coordinators train to enable them to arrange all the details of a wedding but many brides choose not to use a planner but instead coordinate the wedding themselves.

Common mistakes can occur in relation to Wedding Photography.  Here are a few to be alert to:

USING SOMEONE WHO HAS A GOOD CAMERA  -  Cameras do not take photographs, people do.  This is the most important day of your life and should not be entrusted to a non-professional.  Wedding and Portrait Photographers are specialised.  They know how to use light, posing and equipment to flatter you.  They know how to work relentlessly, under pressure, even when things go wrong, to ensure that ALL the details of your wedding are beautifully depicted.  They are there to work exclusively for you.  Should there be an equipment failure or an accident, they have extensive backup gear and can keep on shooting - even in the rain!

CHOOSING A PHOTOGRAPHER BASED ON BUDGET - Again, your wedding is simply too important to have just anyone photograph it.  Considering all the other expenses involved, is it work skimping on, what will be, the final record of everything you have planned?  A quote I heard recently was, “You Can’t Afford NOT to Hire a Professional!”  Choose the photographer whose work and personality appeals most to you.  It’s not just a bald record of your day but it’s choosing an artist whose photographic style will depict you in the way you envisage and whose work you will enjoy and treasure.  If they seem out of your budget, be bold and ask for a special deal because you value their skill.

CHOOSING TO HAVE A DIGITAL ALBUM ONLY - We all know the old story.  If your house was on fire, what would you reach for first (assuming family & pets were safe?)  Yes, it’s your wedding album.  But yours is not an A3 bound album that you can just lift and run out with.  It’s on the computer and a USB stick.  (Where is the USB stick?  You search frantically but it’s in a drawer with a whole lot of bits and pieces and the flames are leaping towards you.)  The point being, a hard copy wedding album is extremely valuable - in fact, increasing in personal value as the years go on.  It can be on your coffee table to be admired and browsed through.  You may choose to have a favourite image made into a professionally printed wall canvas as a fine art piece for your home.

DESIGNING & PRINTING YOUR OWN ALBUM - Well, it might ‘do’ but it just won’t showcase your beautiful photographs the way a professionally designed and printed album will.  We have tried the best of consumer printers and had to return the albums because the results were simply not good enough.  (We will only use professional printing services for our work)  Photographs can appear printed much darker than they really are, particularly on covers - even on the high end albums.  A shimmering, negative effect can be seen on photographs at a slight angle.  In short, it’s just not worth depicting your gorgeous photographs at anything less than their best.  Professional design arranges your photographs in the most attractive layout while telling the pictorial story of your wedding.  Professional printing processes produce superior quality results.  Professional binding can allow for lay flat albums that are designed to withstand years of use.

I know, personally, how awful it feels to anticipate your beautiful photographs and be devastated when you see the results.  Mine were taken by a ‘friend with a good camera’ and only a couple of shots taken outdoors were usable.  My album - if you could call it that - consisted of photographs other people had taken.  It just isn’t worth it to make this sort of mistake.  You will regret it always.  Please make the right choices and have happy memories forever!


Norma    x


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