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Hand Blending My Hand (By Hand)
25 November 2015

When I first got married, I really wasn't much of a cook.  Hand me a chicken, at that point in my life, and fear would have been my first emotion, closely followed by helplessness.  After much trial and error and special thanks to Ainsley Harriott and Nigella Lawson, all that has changed.

I was recently working at an Ainsley Harriott recipe and was using the well-named (as I was about to find out) hand blender.  A knob of butter got stuck under the blades and, using my left hand, I began to prise it out, while, simultaneously, a strange reflex overtook me and I accidentally pressed the turbo setting button and handblended! 

I don't think I have ever screamed as much or as loudly - no, not even in labour!  

After applying lavishly my Arnica cream and special zinc cream, I calmed down enough to allow Roz Nightingale to bandage me up and prescribe a gigantic brandy.  

Everyone has been very sympathetic - squirming when I tell the story, but, so far, no one has reproached me for being a dumb blonde.  

Norma x 


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