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Skye Wedding Photographer Benefits from Facebook
19 October 2015

I know not every family is the same, but I am sure many times, as relatives move on with their lives and, much as we love them, we move on too - suddenly we have lost touch.  Somehow, the family on my father's side has spread itself around the globe as far as Australia and Canada.  If family move house and forget they haven't told you, it can be difficult to guess where they are and what has happened to them.  So, I know somewhere in Australia, there is a pile (what's the correct collective noun, here?) of cousins and I don't know where they are now.

Knowing how busy everyone life becomes, I didn't want to join any reuniting group because I was sure no one in the family would have joined either.  My cousin in Canada had traced the family tree backwards, of course, and not forwards!  So, no help there!  I trawled through the maiden names of cousins in Australia who might be on Facebook but was certain none of the girls would be using those names and, true enough, I couldn't find anyone.  Then I remembered a male cousin who had an unusual surname and within minutes on Facebook I had found him and recognised his profile photograph, even though we had seen each other for years.  He was now living in Fife.  I sent a friend request and a message because he would not know my married name.  He messaged back, checking a few details about my parents to be sure I was me.  Within hours, he was messaging back lots of details about the family and asking many questions about my life too.  Last night, we caught up on the telephone and it was a reminiscing joy to hear his voice.  (He always had a gorgeous, smooth Scottish drawl.)  

Next time, I travel south, we are set to meet up but I would probably never have found him without Facebook.

Norma  x


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