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Six Discs Are Not Enough
01 July 2014

You'd think having a car with a CD player that takes six discs would mean I'd be able to have a CD to suit each of my many moods.  You'd be wrong.  I always seem to have left the CD I want at home.  

I'm going out tonight, and can't really predict what CD I'll want.  My mood today has been a mixture of joy (because it's summer and it's WARM!) and something that comes close to anxiety - because it's the first of July - because the summer is slipping away and I don't want to go back to dark nights and cold winters.  Oddly, though, I don't want music that matches those moods.  I want music that jolts me out of it and makes me happy.  Which is why I have a minimum of three Rod Stewart CDs in the car at all times - because nothing cheers me up as quickly as Time, his latest album.  


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