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Reading & Viewing
26 September 2014

One thing I like to do, when eating alone, is prop up a favourite book and read. Probably, like many others, I go through phases of certain well-loved authors. Because I had been away to Glasgow, when I finished the book I‘d brought, I had to reread ones on my tablet and my choice was, “Psmith in the City” by P G Wodehouse. The Blandings Castle series, by this author, has always been my favourite but for sheer verbal manoeuvrability, Psmith is in a class of his own. - ever able to deal with any situation that life throws at him with a combination of dignity, innocence and skill. Wish I could do this as well as Psmith! So, if you haven’t ready Mr Wodehouse’s Psmith series, you might enjoy his strong narratives and light-hearted wit.

For viewing, this week, I grabbed an old home-education DVD, from the United States. I felt I wanted to learn some interesting and rare facts about animals and birds. The favourite point I loved was the beaver’s furry flaps over his sensitive back teeth to prevent discomfort from extremely cold temperatures (front teeth are not sensitive to the cold) and its clear eyelids which act as swimming goggles. Isn’t that adorable?

Another interesting and intriguing fact is the Green Woodpecker’s tongue. It is extremely unusual: its tongue begins in the back of its throat, goes across its neck to the back of its head, curves around the top of its head, drops down into the beak through a nostril and then out into the beak. The narrator emphasised that this configuration is, as far as we know, unique in the animal kingdom.

And the last one, giraffes have no vocal cords!

Off to read and view this evening!

Happy weekend!

Norma x


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