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Proposal at Quiraing isle of skye photographer
Quiraing Proposal with its own Original Theme
08 October 2021

Our client, Jordan, contacted us about his proposal plans on the Isle of skye.  We discussed location options and Jordan considered these carefully, finally opting for the Quiraing with its spectacular panoramas and sculpted contours.  Again, we were anxious about the unusual amount of rainy days we were having but, on cue, the skies cleared and a warm, intense, afternoon sunlight bathed the entire scene.

Braving the damp grass, Jordan sank to one knee and surprised his girlfriend, Megan, with his heartfelt proposal and dazzling solitaire!  The couple had come well-prepared for the Isle of Skye outdoors with Barbour waxed jackets and Hunter wellingtons! As often happens when photographing, the couple's own, unique style dictates the photography theme.  With the Scottish county-look, we adopted a fashion-styled shoot, using Jordan and Megan as 'models.'  (Oddly enough, our second-shooter, Sean's, son was working on a film featuring Barbour jackets at Glenagles Hotel while we were working at the Quiraing!!)

In preparation for every, single shoot, I like to think out some original poses.  This approach gives our couple totally individualised images and enables Euphoria to maintain fresh, artistic creativity.  Some days prior to this shoot, I had been watching an old episode of Charlie's Angels on youtube.  The storyline was based around an ice skating show and, unexpectedly, some fabulously-talented figure skaters were featured.  As I watched, enthralled, I suddenly saw that I could interpret some of the elegant ice skating moves into photographic posing concepts.  I found stunning footage from the 2018 Olympics and there was my pose-idea for Jordan and Megan's engagement shoot, which followed on from his proposal.  It was difficult to describe but Sean explained to Jordan and Megan that it was like the infinity sign.  This helped Jordan and Megan to work with us to create a Euphoria-signature-pose which we were all delighted with!

Please do share details of your proposal or elopement plans so that we can design some original photographs with you too!



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