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Preparing for Individualised Wedding Photography in Scotland
25 May 2021

Everyone appreciates a personal interest and service.  We are all individuals and would like that to be acknowledged and worked with.  How can destination wedding photographers in Scotland prepare for every single shoot to offer such a tailor-made service - especially when, often, we have never met the couple until the day of the shoot?

For every assignment, we prepare our ideas on posing and lighting to suit the couple we will be working with and get inspiration for some new poses too.  By this time, a number of emails/phone calls will have been shared, so that we get to know our couple, their thoughts or concerns about photography.  The choice of location, gown and details all give an overview of the kind of client we will be meeting.  We may have met our couple by digital conferencing and photographs.  

All the relevant gear is prepared for the shoot.  The choices of off-camera lighting are selected, appropriate lenses for the location and back-up equipment are made.

On the day itself, we meet with our couple just before the shoot.  In that few minutes, we can determine whether the couple are quieter and intimate, exuberant and lively, adventurous and playful.  Their personalities will decide the way that we guide and work with that particular couple.

Sources of inspiration such as our favourite wedding photographer and teacher, Jerry Ghionis together with Bambi Cantrell are checked.

Jerry trained us and we have continued to follow his photographic education throughout the ten years of Euphoria's existence.  We realised we had absorbed so much of Jerry's training when, on seeing the above image, I said to Roz, "Look at that lovely image by Jerry!" only to find that it was one of ours!!

Please do get in touch to share the special details that make your wedding, elopement or proposal so unique!  We can't wait to hear from you!



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