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Planning Your Perfect Elopement, Proposal, Engagement on The Isle of Skye Part 2: Finding Your Perfect Location
14 July 2021

You have decided to elope or to propose and get engaged on the breath-taking Isle of Skye.  Where would be the most perfect location just for you two?

There are so many, well-documented and photographed locations which are instantly recognised around the world.  At certain times of the year, these can become quite busy with visitors and this may not suit everyone's needs as their ideal location.  However, Skye is richly endowed with dramtic mountains. cliffs, waterfalls, beaches, castles, fresh-water lochs and sea lochs and crystal clear rivers.  There truly is something for everyone but with such a wide choice before you, which one(s) is/are just right for you?

To help you select the right backrop, we have prepared our dedicated Let's Elope! and Marry Me! pages.  Each page has slightly different information on locations and services which are essential for planning your perfect elopement or proposal.  Additionally, we have similar information - Essential Information for Couples Eloping to the Isle of Skye here and Essential Information for Proposal Planning on the Isle of Skye here.

Also, the Euphoria Photography team is on hand to discuss location ideas, using local knowledge to help narrow down options, which are suitable for your requirements.  If you have a theme or concept for your shoot, please share this as your concept can assist us in guiding you to the best location.  We also suggest that, where making a final choice is difficult or because you want to incorporate different backdrops, we can travel to two, or even more, spots.  This is your dream becoming a reality and the choice of destination is pivotal to your dream crystallising. 

Please do get in touch to discuss your special dream and we can work together to ensure you really do have the ultimate location plus unforgettable images to relive the dream forever plus share it with family and friends.



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