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Photography Bucket List
03 February 2016

I love working with clients who want something unique and unusual from their photography.  The Euphoria brand strives for dramatic, romantic and artistic photography.  That's why I have a sort of Photography Bucket List - shoots I want to do before I die!  

1.  A science-fiction themed wedding.  I love sci-fi myself, so shooting a Back To The Future/Star Trek/Star Wars/Doctor Who-themed wedding would be a dream come true for me.  

2.  A St Kilda elopement/wedding.  St Kilda is one of the most dramatic locations possible.  The remotest part of the British Isles, the residents were evacuated almost a century ago.  The traces of their existence remain and a photoshoot among the ruins and the drama of the landscape would be stunning.  

3.  Northern Lights wedding.  I have a vision of a photograph I must one day take - a bride and groom and the swirling, dancing Northern Lights in the background.  Skye is a beautiful location to see the aurora in, so this image would be perfect for an adventurous couple.  

4.  House For An Art Lover Wedding.  Based in Glasgow, this is just a gorgeous place for any wedding.  I've loved Charles Rennie Mackintosh's work since I was a little girl and photographing a wedding in a place full of his designs would be stunning.

These are just a few of my photography ambitions.  The joy that would come from accomplishing these would be immense and, one day, I hope to do so!



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